UK Parent Visa

UK Parent Visa

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UK Parent Visa

You may be able to apply to come and live in the UK with your child, if he is either a British citizen, settled in the UK, or has lived continuously in the UK for seven years (the seven year rule only applies if application is made from inside the UK). The child must be under the age of 18 for an application to be made under this route.

To apply for as a Parent you must either have sole responsibility of the child or if shared responsibility, the parent the child normally lives must be a British Citizen or have settled status and not be a partner of the applicant.

For a Parent of a child you will have to prove that you are actively taking part in your child’s upbringing and will continue to do so. Our expert Immigration Lawyer will help you prepare the relevant documents that are required as well as completing the application, so you have the best chance of joining or remaining with your child in the UK.Call us on 0121 285 5121 now or request a call back to speak with an expert advisor.

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UK Parent Visa-FAQ

If you meet the requirements for a Parent Visa, you will be granted leave for a period of 30 months, which is renewable. After living five years in the UK as a parent you will be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain

What can 121 Immigration Lawyers do for you?

Our immigration lawyers can help you with the Parent Visa application process and ensure you have the all the necessary documentation that is required for a successful application. We can help by:

  • Discussing the options that are available to you and ensuring this is the most appropriate application for you.
  • Advising you about the requirements and the relevant documents that are required for the application.
  • Reviewing the documents to ensure they are satisfactory for the application.
  • Provide a detailed letter of representation, which will outline how you meet the requirements of the Parent Visa, with reference to the relevant UK Immigration Laws
  • Completing and submitting the relevant application form on your behalf.
  • Advising you the timescale and liaising with the home office until a decision is made.

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