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UK Fiance Visa

A Fiance Visa allows you to come to the UK to marry your partner who is either a British citizen, settled in the UK, or has been granted refugee status/humanitarian protection. A Fiance Visa is usually granted for a period of up to 6 months, during which time you must marry partner into a civil partnership with your partner. After the marriage or the civil partnership ceremony you must apply for a UK Spouse  Visa. If you want to extend your stay in the UK and eventually permanently settle in the UK.

To apply for a Fiance Visa in the UK you must meet certain requirements, the main ones being proving you are in a genuine relationship and having a minimum income of £18,600. There are other requirements as well, all of which will have to be proven with supporting documents. We understand that this can be quite challenging and our expert Immigration Lawyer will help you prepare the supporting documents and complete and submit the application.

We have detailed knowledge and experience of UK Fiance Visa applications and can help you in making a successful application.

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UK Fiance Visa – FAQ

Deciding on whether the Fiancé Visa is the correct visa for you will depend on your intentions after you have married or formed a civil partnership in the UK. If you intend to leave the UK after the marriage/civil partnership, then a Marriage Visitor Visa may be the right choice. Unlike the Marriage Visitor Visa, the fiancé visa allows you to switch to a Spouse Visa, without having to leave the UK.

Give us a call and our Immigration Specialist will help you select the option best for you.

What can 121 Immigration Lawyers do for you?

As you have to provide substantial documentary evidence to the Home Office to meet the requirements for a Fiancé Visa, applying for a UK Fiancé Visa can be quite challenging. Our immigration lawyers can help you through the application process and ensure you have the best possible chance of success. We can help by:

  • Discussing the options that are available to you and ensuring this is the most appropriate application for you.
  • Advising you about the requirements and the relevant documents that are required for the application.
  • Ensuring you provide sufficient evidence to prove that your relationship is genuine
  • Reviewing the documents to ensure they are satisfactory for the application.
  • Provide a detailed letter of representation, which will outline how you meet the requirements of the Fiance Visa, with reference to the relevant UK Immigration Laws
  • Completing and submitting the relevant application form on your behalf.
  • Advising you the timescale and liaising with the home office until a decision is made.

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