Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2)

Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2)

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Sportsperson Visa (Tier 2)

If you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and are an elite sportsperson or a qualified coach who is recognized by your sport’s governing bodies as being at the highest international level of your sport, you can apply for Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa. The sport’s governing body will need to endorse your application and issue you with a certificate of sponsorship. You will require the certificate of sponsorship and meet the English language and maintenance requirements in order to apply for this visa. The Sportsperson Visa is usually granted for an initial period of three years and it can be further extended for 3 years up to a maximum total stay of 6 years in the UK. You can also apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK after five years. Your family member from outside the EEA and Switzerland can also apply for a visa to come to the UK.

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