Full Application Service

Full Application Service

Full Application Service

Our Full Application Service is highly recommended if you need help completing an application or are worried about preparing your application

With our Full Application Service we take over the management of your case which includes dealing with the Home Office on your behalf.

Our expert immigration lawyer will manage your case leaving you to relax and be confident in the fact that your application or appeal has the greatest possible chance of success.

Our application service will begin with an immigration lawyer taking detailed information about your case and then explaining the eligibility requirements and the supporting documents that will strengthen your case. Your legal adviser will advise you on the documentation required in support of your application alongside the expected time frames and the chances of success for an application.

If you are happy to proceed we will request all the supporting paperwork and start working on your application. We will keep you updated throughout the process and will let you know when it is ready to submit to the Home Office.

We will carry on liaising with the Home Office until we receive a decision on the outcome of your application. With our experience, we will like to think you will have the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.

If you are unsure about anything, or if you would like to go ahead with our Full Application Package call now and speak to a member of our Assessment Team on 0121 285 5121.

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