Sponsor License Application

Sponsor License Application

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Sponsor License Application

IIf you are UK business and want to employ a person from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to work in the UK for you, you will need to apply for a Sponsor License. If the Home Office grants the license you will be allowed to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to prospective employees who can then apply for a visa to come and work for you in the UK.

To apply for a sponsor license your business has to meet certain eligible requirement and decide on the type of workers you want to employ.
There are two type of workers for which you can apply the license for, Tier 2 Skilled workers or Tier 5 Skilled Temporary workers. You can apply for a license to cover either both tiers or just one of them.

Individual(s) from within your business will need to be appointed to certain designated roles as part of the process for the sponsor license application. One of the key roles includes the monitoring the staff use of the sponsorship management system, which is the main tool used to assign and issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. The individuals appointed will have to meet the suitability requirements such as not having any unspent convictions, not been a key person at a business that had a sponsor license revoked, must be based in UK majority of time among other requirements.

For any roles if you are paying a salary less than £159,600, you will also need to meet the Resident Labor Market Test, Which essentially means advertising the job to ensure there are no settled UK workers available to fill the role. There are a few exemptions to the Resident Labor Market Test such as the job is on the shortage occupation list, among other exemptions.

The application process for a sponsor license is quite complex and requires expert help. 121 Immigration Lawyers will help you understand and meet all the requirements for the sponsor license application. Our lawyer will collate all the supporting documents to be submitted with the application and write a letter of Representation to accompany the application. We will also advise on how to meet the Resident Labor Market Test, unless an exemption applies.

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